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Find your Tango
UKATA Tango Map

What is it?

A visualisation of where UKATA members offer tango services. The user can search by area or have a national view and zoom in. Clicking the postcode marker identifies the member by name and contact details.


Who is it for?

  • the primary audience is the general public (in support of UKATA’s main purpose to promote tango to the public). 

  • existing tango dancers, to find tango in their chosen area.

  • members, to contribute to the strategic aim of promoting tango across the UK, and to promote their own services. 


Who administers the Map?

The platform for the Map is provided by the generosity of UKATA member Daniel Gini, hence the co-branding of UKATA/Points of Tango. At present, UKATA enters details on behalf of the members but during 2024 we will enable each member to amend their own details directly.


Why have a map?

Despite a plethora of Facebook advertising and various tango calendars there is no single point that consistently shows where there are tango activities in the UK. Nor is there anything accessible for the general public other than occasional advertisements from individual clubs/teachers.


How can I be listed on the Map?

The Map includes only members of UKATA, who have provided their tango postcodes. All providers of tango services in the UK are invited to become members, to be listed, and to contribute to the strategic aim of promoting tango across the UK.

If you are not already a member and want to be highlighted on the UKATA map, please complete the membership form. If you are already a member and your details are not showing, please let us know.

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