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Become a member of the
UK Argentine Tango Association

Full Members are tango organisers, teachers, musicians, djs, artists, vendors, and all those that in some way provide tango services. Members have voting rights and pay a small fee to cover the administrative overheads of the Association. 


Associate Members are social dancers and are welcome to participate in our many projects to promote tango across the UK.

Members and Associate members must be UK residents.

To join the association simply fill in the form below. 

Member name and Club name: the constitution requires a named person to be a Member. We recognise that many clubs are operated by a committee rather than a single ‘owner’. For membership purposes we ask for a nominated name (or names) to represent the club.


Postcodes: we also recognise that members may operate from several venues with different postcodes. If you have more than 3 then please send us a message and we will add them in for you.

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