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Reasons to Dance Tango

Many people's image of Argentine Tango is drawn from TV and films. In reality it is very different and has lots to offer everybody, whatever you age or fitness level.
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The Music

You will be swept into another era when orchestras played the powerful and sophisticated rhythms of tango all night long. The tango music is intriguing, beautiful, demanding… 
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The Body

Dancing tango is a great way to  increase core strength, flexibility, and balance. And dancing all night at a "milonga" is a gentle way to gain cardiovascular benefits too.
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The People

Tango is a great way to meet new people and make friends. There bare tango social dances almost every day of the week right across the UK.
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The Science

Many studies have shown that tango not only releases chemicals to the brain that are calming and pleasing but that tango improves co-ordination and balance more than any other form of exercise
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The Personal Connection

That’s tango’s little secret, its uniqueness. Connection is when the powerful yet delicate alchemy that exists between two dancers takes the dancing to another level
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The International Connection

Today tango is danced all over the world by local communities just like yours. Wherever you go you can now plan a tango night in your travels and immediately be amongst locals – no language challenges, the music is the same, the dance is the same.
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